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The Eating Disorder and Mental Health Support Network is dedicated to providing quality, person-centered mental health services to individuals, families and communities impacted by eating disorders. We are also happy to support individuals seeking support for issues related to trauma, anxiety, depression, and other life and mental health challenges.

Valuing collaborative partnerships amongst providers, clients, and support teams, EDSN strives to bring a vast array of outpatient services to all who could benefit. EDSN delivers individually-tailored treatment plans that support clients across multiple settings. We strive to connect, uplift and motivate the people  we work with so that they may thrive in this world. 

EDSN's mission is to provide ethical mental health care and community education to people who struggle with food, weight and body image who comprise and contribute to a multitude of diverse communities in the state of Wisconsin. We welcome individuals and families who reflect Wisconsin's diverse population (diversity of size, abilities, ethnicities, gender expansiveness, LGBTQ2IA+, neurodivergent individuals, and individuals of all ages). We embrace the understanding that in order to authentically support ethical health care and these aforementioned values, that our learning and growth is an ongoing practice. We understand that this necessitates open communication as people from different cultures bring different world views, meaning, values, and experiences. 

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