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Michelle Rosko is a certified personal trainer & nutritionist. She has coached over 100 people all around the world, from age 13 to 80 in living happier, healthier lives. Having struggled with an eating disorder, & being diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at the age of 19, she knows firsthand the experience of disordered eating & how it relates to food & exercise. After battling severe restriction & the extreme approaches that followed, she struggled for years to find a balance. But she found what finally worked: shifting her mindset & making small habit changes over time, with an emphasis on joy & freedom from within.

She takes a compassionate approach with her clients, meeting them where they are to understand their unique stories & needs. Making changes that last long-term is important in her work. She knows we are whole beings, & "health" without inner peace, freedom, & joy is not fully healthy.

She provides one on one & group movement sessions, nutrition coaching, & mindset coaching.

She works both online & in person with her clients.

You can find more information at

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