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 Dr. Andrea Vogel’s (she/her) practice of psychotherapy has been informed by over 15 years of clinical work and research addressing people of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds who are experiencing a range of life concerns and mental health problems. Her practice is geared toward working collaboratively with her client’s community, school and medical providers.  Dr. Vogel’s clinical and research experience allows her to practice culturally-relevant, individualized evaluation and psychotherapy, utilizing strength based treatment models. Integrating psychodynamic, in-sight oriented and cognitive-behavioral treatment strategies, she specializes in working with people experiencing heightened concerns with food, weight and body image, eating disorders, self-injurious behavior, life transitions and family change, behavioral challenges, anxiety, depression, stress disorders and protracted academic dissertation and thesis processes. 

 Dr. Vogel honors the complex and unique ways in which people adapt to their lives by paying special attention to how each person has constructed meaning in events and experiences. Dr. Vogel and her clients work in tandem toward the shared goal of understanding how constructions of past experiences may impact identification and expression of feelings, how each of us thinks about every day events and occurrences, and our subsequent actions or behaviors . 

Dr. Vogel received her education at the University of California-Irvine in psychology and sociology (B.S.), Harvard University in Counseling and Consultation (M.Ed.), and the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Counseling Psychology (Ph.D.) 


 Membership and Affiliations:American Psychological Association (APA)

International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IADEP)

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)

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