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Jeanine Olsen (she/her) is a certified wellness counselor/coach with specialization in eating disorder recovery. After struggling for decades with anorexia and bulimia, she has taken her own lived experiences and has applied them to helping others find their path to recovery and reach their goals. 

Jeanine has been a Certified Wellness Coach since 2016. She has completed continuing education in the following areas:

  • Eating Disorder Recovery, with an emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills

  • Therapeutic Art Life Coaching

  • Mindfulness practices

  • General Nutrition

  • Fitness for Disease Prevention

  • Nutrition for Chronic Disease

  • Emotional and Compulsive Eating

  • Implementing changes to diet-related behaviors

I have been a passionate team member of Eating Disorder Support Network (EDSN) since 2016. At EDSN, I have dedicated my work to empowering clients by seeking out who they truly are as individuals, assisting them in connecting with their true identities through skill building, goal setting and follow-through, accountability in their recovery journeys, providing meal support, facilitating recovery groups, and strengthening key coping strategies that may or may not have yet been established. Coping strategies I focus on might include basic living skills, such as grocery shopping, job searching, connecting to community support, and so on. I provide meal support through supervised lunch groups, day-to-day individual coaching, weekly eating disorder recovery support groups, and the monthly art group called, Let’s CrEATe! I also act as a liaison with treatment teams, bridging gaps in communication and fulfilling an often missing link in treatment.

My services include: 

  • Individual Coaching: Providing clients a space to strengthen and develop key coping strategies and supporting them with skill building to manage everyday living and goal setting to create a pathway to recovery. 

    • $50.00 per session

    • Currently via Zoom

  • Supervised lunch groups: Lunch groups for individuals who are struggling with their daily meal plans. Providing a supportive community for clients struggling with meal plan compliance, accountability and an opportunity to process meal plan struggles.

    • $14.00 per group

    • Currently via Zoom.

  • Let’s CrEATe Art Group: This art group provides individuals the space to dabble in art, seek out their talents, discover abilities and establish new coping skills through art. The group explores a new project every month.

    • Sign up and a fee of $25-$35 is required.

    • In-person


  • Eating Disorder Recovery Support Groups: Providing a space for adult individuals to be part of a safe community that is supportive and resourceful.

    • This group meets every Monday and Thursday evening at 7:00pm.

    • Mondays groups are in-person and $10.

    • Thursday groups are via Zoom and free of charge. 

Contact Jeanine for signup and additional information at

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