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Jess Shattuck (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her areas of interest include life transitions and adjustments, anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD and neurodivergency, PTSD and trauma recovery, kink/polyamorous/queer relationships, and LGBTQ issues. She draws from components of relational, attachment, and developmental theories as well as evidence-based practices in her work. Jess works with individuals with diverse and underrepresented identities (LGBTQ+, non-monogamy/polyamory, kink affirming, neurodiversity affirming) with various mental health concerns, levels of trauma, and life issues. She draws from her professional training and clinical experience, as well as her own lived experiences to best support her clients. Jess sees therapy as something that addresses every part of the human experience, including developing one’s identity, cultivating relationships with others, exploring dynamics of power and intimacy, examining cultural constructs, and reflecting on questions of meaning. She believes that therapy can create space for levity, joy, laughter, and curiosity in life when the human experience becomes too heavy. She seeks to create a place for her clients where growth and change can happen from a place of strength and clients can access insight, gain skills, and experience authentic living and their authentic selves. Jess hopes to help those whom she works with to take up space, discover their personal power, and improve their quality of life. Jess uses the following Modalities in her therapy: CBT, CPT, DBT, ACT, PE, EMDR, with special emphasis on Values, Schemas, and Self-Compassion. She is EMDR trained. She works with clients age 18 and older.

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