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Lisa (she/her) is a licensed professional counselor. She is EMDR-trained, and has experience working with a broad range of clinical concerns, including depression and anxiety, substance use, gender and body dysphoria, and chronic pain. Lisa especially enjoys working with GLBTQI+ folks, adults experiencing life transitions (college, retirement), adults with autism/ADHD (especially those who are newly-diagnosed), and couples. Her areas of focus include neurodivergence, disability, traumatic brain injury, compulsive behaviors, and hoarding. Lisa also has experience supporting individuals in healing from disordered eating and eating disorders. Taking a Health at Every Size approach is important to her. Lisa is engaging in ongoing training and supervision to best support her clients in their recovery journeys. Her person-centered integrative approach draws from CBT, Narrative Therapy, and Buddhist Psychology.

Lisa believes that everything is a workable situation. Through openness and curiosity, we can engage with our patterns of perception, cognition, emotion, and behavior. And through mindful awareness we can build meaning and move forward from stuck places. Too often we've been trained to mask our core selves without our knowledge or consent; with work we can recognize and evaluate these masks, and discard those that may not serve us. 

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