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You have the ability to check your financial status on TherapyAppointment. 

You will be billed monthly if you have a balance after insurance pays on the date of service. It takes about 4-6 weeks from the time a claim is submitted to insurance before it is processed and paid. It is unlikely that you will receive a statement within the first month of therapy. Superbills will be provided after payment, also on a monthly basis. 

Here is an example of what a Client sees when they log in. Notice the option that says, “My Account” on the column of options on the left side. Click on this to see financial information.


Click on “My Account,” and view this:


Here is an example of what a Client will see on "My Account" on TherapyAppointment. Please notice the 8 columns on the sample statement. It will show the charge, what a Client has paid, what insurance has paid, what the price adjustment was (the contracted price that was negotiated with EDSN and your insurance company), if there was anything applied to the deductible, distributed adjustment (this is if a Client pays for multiple dates of service in one payment) the balance, and what the client responsibility is.

Below is a sample statement. The statement indicates that Insurance has paid on all sessions. Because the columns are red it means there is still a balance. This Client has a $40.00 co-pay per session. They have not made any payments yet because the “client pay” columns have $0.00 in it. Insurance paid $132.22, and the contracted adjustment is $27.28, leaving a $40 balance per session. The Client will have a statement sent to them for the remaining amount.


This sample statement looks different. The statement lines are blue on TherapyAppointment. This means the date of service has been paid in full. The charge is $200 per session. Insurance paid $157.22. The contracted adjustment is $27.78, leaving a balance of $15.00. It shows that the Client paid the co-pay under the “client pay” column. This leaves their balance at $0.00. The Client would not get a statement sent mailed out in this case, though the statement will still be accessible on the Client Portal.


If you still have questions regarding your statement, please send Melissa Walden a secure message through TherapyAppointment.

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